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Easter brings anticipation of new life PDF Print E-mail

Easter weekend was packed with tremendous punch this year. That Saturday marked 31 years since I joined the amazing ranks of motherhood. What a blessed gift!
Brooke was born on my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. Oh how I recall the exuberant delight they expressed when the gift of their first grandchild surprised them two weeks early.
What a gift they had given me by building a strong example of a loving marriage. Getting married fulfilled a dream for me but later I thought having a child must be about the ultimate in joys.
That is until I became a grandparent. Wow! There’s just nothing like it! Friday of Easter weekend refreshed that joy when I arrived home from the office to shouts of excitement. Grandkids bombarded me with hugs and precious cheers. That high is indescribable.
Gathering around a backyard fire in the fire pit that night brought interesting conversation. Flame brought warmth on the outside but making new memories created even better feel-good warmth on the inside.
Morning brought the joy of watching the girls decorate a bunny cake for their mom’s birthday. I was impressed with their creativity. Then all the kids decorated Easter eggs as dinner went in the oven.
It couldn’t get much better. Or could it?
While the boys prepared to go hide the new egg creations, our youngest daughter and her hubby had something to show us. We anticipate a Johnson family beach trip to celebrate Mom’s birthday with departure on Celeste and Matt’s third wedding anniversary. Celeste said they upgraded their plane tickets.
She presented us with a very real-looking United ticket, showing the passenger as BABY MAY. The remarks section showed “Notice of extra passenger—Baby May #1” with ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): October 2015.
Yipppeeeee! Excitement filled the room. Lots of hugs! Celeste and Mathew are both naturals with kids and will make great parents.
Next came a big Easter bucket of candy. Sugar Babies, Junior Mints, Twin Bings, Doublemint Gum, etc. Brooke triggered first. Twins? Are you having twins? Then Matt gave us another ticket. Notice of extra passenger—Baby May #2.
Holy snikes! TWINS! Double the excitement. We also have very precious handpicked Grandma and Grandpa books to someday read to our special grandbabies.
It was a gorgeous day, allowing outdoor fun and more memory making with extended family. And I learned some family history. My grandpa’s mother was a twin. And my grandma is now the fifth of the 10 children in her Andersen family with twin descendants.
Despite new excitement, Easter week stirs up a lot of nostalgia with thoughts of my Dad. His funeral was on Maundy Thursday 13 years ago. He loved Easter, celebrating Christ’s resurrection. Oh how he would love playing with the children and the anticipation of more babies . . . now two at a time.
Celebrating life!

LORI PANKONIN is co-publisher of Johnson Publications newspapers in Imperial, Wauneta and Grant, and part-owner of the Holyoke Enterprise in Holyoke, Colo. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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