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Crazy presidential races spill over into 2016 PDF Print E-mail

If the rest of the 2016 presidential election season goes like Iowa, it could be quite a year. It seems like the campaigns have been underway forever, but it’s still  more than nine months until the General Election.
It’s been hard to focus a bit with all the loudness created by Donald Trump on the GOP side. Two candidates dropped out of the GOP race this week after poor showings in Iowa, but it will remain a crazy political year. How many GOP candidates are left anyway?
Who would have thought a billionaire builder of hotels and casinos, who most younger people only know from “The Apprentice,” would lead the GOP polls for months?
However, Trump is likely wishing he hadn’t skipped last Thursday’s GOP debate in Iowa. Voters there didn’t like the snub and it played out in Trump’s second place caucus finish Monday night in our neighboring state. That’s after he repeatedly said he’d win there.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won in Iowa, but Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had the best snub of the Republican polling there with a third place finish. It will be interesting to see how all this carries over to next week’s first Primary in New Hampshire.
Then there’s the Democratic side.
Who would have thought an avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, would be doing as well as he is against a former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady? But, Hillary Clinton will have to answer, whether personally or at the ballot box, about those classified emails, whether they were “labeled” or not. Eyes are now on New Hampshire regarding that race, as well.
As we move into the coming months of campaigning, let’s hope candidates will stick to explaining their stands on so many important issues the U.S. faces versus concentrating on attacking their opponents. While there is a place for bringing your opponents’ differences to light, there needs to be a balance. We can only hope for that.


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